Monday, January 27, 2014

Now Playing: Code of Princess

 So underwhelming.
 Code of Princess was a game I was looking forwards to. Not only was it my first 3DS game, it was also one of the games that made me want to buy a 3DS. Expectations were high. So far, I'm incredibly underwhelmed.
 First things first, Solange, the main character, has one of the dumbest and most stupid designs I've ever seen. She follows the Japanese ideal of "It's sexy for a girl to be forced into useless drags because she has nothing else to wear and occasionally is shy about it". She looks incredibly stupid, and so do most females, at least Ali Baba is kinda cool. The real shame is the fact that the artist is really, really good, but his talent is wasted in this game.
 In the main story, you get to play as Solange, Ali Baba, Zozo the Zombie girl in white panties and the frail looking boy elf. The only character I liked was Ali, so I'm stuck with her, which kinda sucks since her play style is not my kind of style. Suffice to say, I'm not having much fun, which is a shame as the combat seems as if it could be good, I'm gonna wait until I unlock the option to play as the other characters before judging it, but so far, not good. Also, I'm still not totally sold on the graphic style they chose, it seems to be fully 3D, but characters look... 2Dfied so to speak? It's hard to put into words, but they look like high quality pre-rendered sprites.
 Bottom line is: I'm not feeling it.

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