Thursday, December 8, 2016

Now Playing: Twisted Metal(2012)

 Bullets, tires and clowns.
 Ah! Twisted Metal, a franchise as old as the Playstation itself, this franchise has accompanied Sony's consoles ever since the original Playstation. I will admit, however, that I've only played one game in the franchise: Black, and while I wasn't particularly fond of it, I still had a fair bit of fun with it, enough for me to consider, and eventually getting the 2012's reboot. After going through Sweet Tooth's story mode, I've come away with mixed feelings.

 What I did like: The game runs smooth as butter, environments look phenomenal, the action is fast and furious, split screen! A lot of stuff to unlock, and most of it is unlocked by default in Multiplayer, brilliant.

 What I didn't like: As little as I know about the franchise, I know that it's missing a ton of classic characters, and one of the missing characters is (free)DLC. And even then, there's only 3 returning characters, as well as the 'Holy Men' faction. Single Player rounds can go on for a bit too long, the CPU is annoying to fight. They love ganging up on you! The controls are also a bit hard to get a hang of, I might get used to them after a while. There might be too few stages to play in.

 After clearing Sweet Tooth's story mode... I'm a bit iffy about Twisted Metal. I think it's an alright game, but the concept doesn't lend itself for a fun time if you are playing by yourself. Multiplayer might be where it's at.

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