Thursday, May 12, 2016

Now Playing: Gravity Rush

 It's gooooood.
 Gravity Rush is really cool. No, seriously. I'm loving the Gravity mechanics, shifting and sticking and zooming forwards is all done with a button and the right analog stick(Or you can move the Vita around, if you are into that). and it feels really good to zip around the town. The combat is a bit.. weaker in that respect, as there's no lock-on(Or none that I could find), and it feels a bit too floaty for my tastes. It's not bad by any means, but it's not optimal. Also, dodging by swiping the screen sucks, just give me a button alternative, goddammit.

 I'm also digging the art direction, Kat looks really good, although my Japan senses tell me they are gonna exploit her in some fanservicey way eventually, mostly due to how the cutscene after getting herself a home and showering panned out. The environments look really nice as well, a bit... lacking in detail, but taken as a whole, they are rather neat, if that makes any sense? As in, the buildings, the background and the setting work really well together to set the ambiance.

 Still, my biggest gripe is how long the game went without giving me a save spot!!

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