Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Month Overview: May 2016

Danganronpa HappyTriggerHavoc                             9.0
Gravity Rush                                                               6.5
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3(Vita)                         8.0

 Not much was played this month. Danganronpa was fantastic, Gravity Rush was alright, UMvC 3 was surprisingly considering how Street Fighter X Tekken's Vita port was a bit shoddy at times. I also started Lords of Arcana which is... it dangles between mediocre and terrible, and right now I'm stuck at the Bahamut fight, and frankly, I only attempted it twice, I simply don't have the drive, since the game is such a drag.

Game of May:
 Danganronpa was SO good that as soon as I finished it I ordered Danganronpa 2 and Ultimate Despair Girls, both which should be arriving this June. The last time I did something like this was with Darksiders, I didn't plan on liking the game THAT much, but as soon as I finished it I bought the sequel. But I digress. Phoenix Wright meets Battle Royale is what this game is, and it's so good. I felt that the trials were a bit too... convoluted, and sometimes it felt like filler, like having to prove that you're not a ghost. Seriously? But the story was so good that it kept me coming back for more and more.
 And the unlockable micromanagement mini-game was relatively entertaining as well.

 I had forgotten how much fun Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom could be, and I think it's in big part due to its simplicity and flashiness. And major props to Capcom for developing such a good port, Street Fighter X Tekken would sometimes drop frames, but UMvC 3 runs silky smooth. And you get everything the Console version had to offer. I still have a few issues pulling of some moves, like L-Trigger snap backs, or the few inputs that require pressing both Launcher and medium attacks, but that's on the Vita itself and not the port's fault.

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